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CodeLogic is a software development solution that will transform the way you make changes to your code, add new features, triage broken code, and modernize apps to work on new devices or new environments.

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Identify & map unknown and unmonitored dependencies, third-party components, legacy system artifacts, and homegrown applications.  

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Automatically track application updates chronologically and immediately know where to look when something breaks.

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Monitor changes to your application environment and set rules for violations and security risks before they reach production.

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Get new developers and remote teams up to speed quickly with a clear view of your architecture that’s always up-to-date. 

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CodeLogic Works Where You Do

We support the leading runtime environments, languages, databases and app servers — and we’re always adding more.

With Codelogic, changes across your applications are automatically tracked and reflected in real-time – making everything from assessing code updates to identifying root cause – a matter of minutes, not days.

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