Frequently Asked Questions

  • What parts of my stack does CodeLogic support?

    See what runtime environments, languages, databases, servers, and more CodeLogic can work with here. If you don’t see what you work with, contact us! We are always adding new environments.

  • What is the level of reporting in the Audit Trail feature?

    CodeLogic’s Audit Trail supports the following level of reporting: changes to method names, method additions, and method deletions are reported. Changes to the code within methods are not captured.

  • How does CodeLogic integrate with my systems?

    The CodeLogic agent is installed on your servers where it extracts application and database metadata. The metadata is sent to the CodeLogic server where it is analyzed and the dependency map is generated. Visualizations and reports are then generated inline and are available through a browser.

  • How does deployment On-Premise work?

    For CodeLogic deployment on-premises, the CodeLogic server is installed using an industry-standard package (via apt-get).

  • How does deployment work for Cloud?

    CodeLogic is deployed in your cloud, where you’ll run CodeLogic on your own AWS virtual machine. As an option, you can install a pre-built image from the Amazon store. For ServiceNow cloud instances, the agent runs on the CodeLogic server.

  • How does CodeLogic ensure confidential data remains secure?

    CodeLogic never accesses the actual data in a database. For example, CodeLogic could reveal a social security number column and its associated relationships in a database, but cannot access the social security number itself.

  • Can I try CodeLogic for free?

    Yes! We offer a 30-day free trial period to all new customers. Simply contact us or schedule a demo and one of our engineers will set you up to try CodeLogic in your system.

  • What can CodeLogic do for startups and small teams?

    CodeLogic reveals a comprehensive and interactive map of your dependencies in real-time. It is always up to date, and is a single source of truth for your codebase.

    This allows startups and small teams to bring new or external developers up to speed quickly, mitigate risks, and avoid outages, so that you can optimize your resources, prevent burnout, and ultimately save time and money.

  • How can CodeLogic improve incident and change management?

    With code-level dependencies, CodeLogic accelerates the risk assessment process and reduces the total time to implement changes. CodeLogic gives insights into the health of your services beyond a service name and server, and provides your IT team with code-level details on services.

    Ultimately, CodeLogic increases service continuation by reducing incidents and MTTR – allowing you to eliminate noise, prioritize, identify root cause, and help you remediate faster.

  • What can CodeLogic do for DevOps teams?

    CodeLogic allows DevOps teams to develop higher quality code faster and with fewer defects by instantly generating a living map of runtime code-level relationships and dependencies across platforms, applications, databases, and APIs in real-time.

    CodeLogic reveals the best and safest coding path forward each step of the way before developers write a single line of code. We get your team out of the waiting zone and lift the fog so that their time and talents can be optimized.

  • How does CodeLogic work with ServiceNow upgrades?

    CodeLogic maps across multiple ServiceNow instances and versions to assess upgrades, migrations, and 3rd party integrations.

    CodeLogic complements ServiceNow’s native error detection tools and does in minutes what typically takes hours of manual effort. By revealing granular code-level dependencies within your skipped records, CodeLogic displays what you’re about to touch and what’s connected to it so you can avoid unwanted impact, unnecessary cost, and irreplaceable time.

  • What kinds of benefits do I get as a CodeLogic Partner?
    • Early access to new releases
    • Technical sales support & training
    • Digital collateral & marketing assistance
    • CodeLogic professional services certification
    • Access to events & webinars
  • What pricing plans do you offer?

    CodeLogic offers subscription pricing plans based on the number of users you need and the size of your organization. We also offer special rates for startups. Contact us to learn more.

  • What kind of support does CodeLogic provide?

    CodeLogic provides a dedicated engineer to support you during initial setup and throughout your journey. We offer frequent webinars and tutorials to help you & your team optimize CodeLogic’s dependency-mapping functionality and features.

CodeLogic takes the mystery out of your application environment and works across technology stacks.

CodeLogic dependency maps are …

  • Automatically generated
  • Always up to date
  • Secure
  • Interactive & informative

With CodeLogic, you’ll…

  • Create more resilient applications
  • Plan better testing
  • Contain shadow IT
  • Onboard new engineers quickly

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