About CodeLogic

About CodeLogic

CodeLogic Continuous Software Intelligence provides unmatched depth of insight into the true state and complexity of software structures. We expose structural risk and reveal change impact across systems, from database to method to API. CodeLogic is the first and only searchable system of record that combines binary and runtime scans for code and database dependencies on a continuous, real-time basis – empowering teams to inform strategic development decisions, deliver predictably, and code fearlessly.

The CodeLogic Team

Rahul Gandhi, CodeLogic CEO
Rahul is the CEO of CodeLogic and previously served as COO and CFO. Before CodeLogic, Rahul was Director of Analytics, head of quantitative research, and a member of the management committee at Ascend Capital, a multi-billion dollar hedge fund. Rahul started his career at Mars & Co, where he consulted for Fortune 100 companies in the health insurance, consumer products, energy, and automobile industries. Rahul holds a B.S. from Harvard University and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Stanford University.
Rahul Gandhi | CEO
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Ned Gnichtel, CTO at CodeLogic
Ned is a 25-year technology industry veteran whose experience, ranging from software engineering to C-level leadership, has taken him from startups to the largest software companies in the world, including six years at Microsoft. Mr. Gnichtel possesses deep experience in operating systems internals, cloud software architecture, data modeling and security analysis. He drives our process oriented technical engineering and strategy, and is responsible for direct management of product development and delivery.
Ned Gnichtel | CTO
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Andrew Hunt, Principal Software Engineer-UI Engineering

Andrew Hunt
Principal Software Engineer

Anthony Bacio, CodeLogic Software Engineer

Anthony Bacio
Software Engineer

Brandon Tylke, Chief Software Engineer

Brandon Tylke
Chief Software Architect

Jason Schatz, Software Engineer

Jason Schatz
Principal Software Engineer

Jonathan Gentsch, CodeLogic Software Engineer

Jonathan Gentsch
Principal Software Engineer

Melanie Rozenbeck-Beste, Business Ops Specialist

Melanie Rozenbeck-Beste
Head of Operations

Michael Letterle, Principal Software Engineer

Michael Letterle
Principal Software Engineer

Robert Vrooman, Principal Software Engineer

Robert Vrooman
Principal Software Engineer

Board of Directors

Brian Cullinan

Brian Cullinan is an accomplished business executive with more than 35 years of experience working for PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) until his retirement from the firm in 2020. While at PwC, Cullinan was an Assurance partner advising some of the firm’s most high-profile clients and their Boards and Audit Committees on strategic, financial and operational initiatives. Throughout his career with PwC, Cullinan held various senior leadership positions, including serving on PwC’s US Board for eight years (four years as its Lead Director) and being elected to PwC’s Global Board of Partners.

Dan Landry

Dan Landry brings a diverse technical and financial background that includes ten years of high tech entrepreneurial experience and four years of venture banking experience. Prior to co-founding Liquid Venture Partners, he was a Managing Director of Investment Banking at MDB Capital Group. Previously, Mr. Landry was founder and Chief Technology Officer at Evident Technologies, an advanced materials company. Mr. Landry is an inventor on 16 patents and patents pending.

Emily Wang Fairbairn

Emily Wang Fairbairn has spent most of her career in executive leadership and management positions and as a seasoned investor and mentor to a variety of startups. She was co-founder and CEO of multi-billion-dollar hedge fund, Ascend Capital. Prior to Ascend Capital, she built a successful practice of equity portfolio construction and financial planning for high net-worth clients for Merrill Lynch. Today, she serves as the chair of the board of Movano, Inc. and on the funding board of MIT Sandbox Fund.

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