Our lightweight application is simple to install and easy to configure

Unlike many analysis and monitoring technologies, CodeLogic does not require access to source code or the use of proprietary API calls during development. CodeLogic agents run where your software runs across on-premises and hosted runtimes without requiring a complex installation and configuration setup.

The resulting data is sent back to a repository that can be self-managed inside your organizations’ network (on-prem or hosted), or CodeLogic can host the endpoint for a simpler and more turnkey solution.

While CodeLogic agents are production-ready, they can also be deployed in test environments, as well as provide early validation and alerts prior to a production deployment.

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Interactive drill-downs make understanding application relationships and database structure simple

Development teams of every size often “don’t know what they don’t know,” and documentation of code-level dependencies often falls by the wayside. This leads to a form of technical debt that has been shown to lead directly to system failures, data breaches, delays, and breakages.

CodeLogic simplifies the documentation process by generating a highly intuitive and interactive map that always stays current. Start with a high-level application map, and drill down through shared libraries to the method level or through databases to the schema level.

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A color-coded audit trail ensures you have complete and automated change tracking

Ever had the late-night support call where something has broken and you have no idea what changed — let alone how to fix it? With CodeLogic, you can head this off at the pass by receiving real-time alerts on software changes and viewing a color-coded record of your system’s history and commits.

With our governance feature, you can set up customized rules to handle notifications of application or database changes or the deployment of new applications. And you can even integrate notifications with Slack.

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Intelligent features analyze your application relationships and predict failure points

CodeLogic’s automated engine creates a comprehensive application dependency map. But what if it could go even further, and identify potential weak points in those dependencies? With its predictive analysis and a deep understanding of relational-directed object graphing, CodeLogic can warn you about overloaded references, bad keys, naming that doesn’t follow conventions, dependencies on PII, and more. Not only can CodeLogic help you understand your applications, it will help you improve them.

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