Revolutionize Your Development Workflow with CodeLogic's 1-Click Impact Analysis


  • Use CodeLogic’s 1-Click Impact Analysis to accurately predict code change impact on connected projects, databases, and code elements like classes and methods.
  • Seamlessly integrate with developer IDEs through available plugins.
  • Gain a comprehensive view beyond your current project to identify all other projects impacted by a code change.
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What is software change impact analysis?

Developers understand all too well the butterfly effect a small code change can have, often revealing itself only after being pushed to production, even with rigorous unit testing. As a team grows and the codebase expands, the complexity of predicting the impact of code changes also increases. Traditional techniques and tools for software change impact are often restricted to source code scans, offering a limited scope and depth in identifying all possible impacts. 

Introducing 1-Click Impact Analysis by CodeLogic

CodeLogic’s 1-Click Impact Analysis is a game-changing impact analysis feature that empowers developers to visualize code dependencies and anticipate the reach of an item, be it a class, method, or database column, even if that use is outside the current project, service, or application. Utilizing a dependency graph, this feature presents a holistic view of dependency relationships.  With this information, developers can:
  1. Coordinate Across Teams: Quickly determine if changes in a method will necessitate notifications to another team.
  2. Identify data usage: Understand the domino effect when changing the data-type of a database column, including stored procedure dependencies.
  3. Safely Clean Up Code: Ascertain whether a particular code item is actually in use or can be safely deleted.
  4. Audit use of open source libraries: Easily identify the locations where vulnerable open-source library methods are used.

Visualizing the Impact

The change impact analysis example (from the Cytoscape project) above shows that altering a base class like “AbstractLayoutTask” could affect as many as 14 classes across three different packages, each with its own repository. All of these classes come together in a single application. This granularity is crucial for developers to understand code change impact fully.

Integrated Developer Experience

Developers can access CodeLogic’s Change Impact Analysis right from their IDEs using available plugins. This ensures that the impact of any code change is clear before hitting the commit button, making the entire development cycle more robust and predictable.

Deep Dive into Code Relationships

CodeLogic goes beyond just tracking ‘Contained By’ relationships; it also maps out ‘Referenced By’ relationships. This dual tracking is instrumental for a comprehensive impact analysis. By tracking both reference types, CodeLogic’s Change Impact Analysis presents a more holistic view of the impact of a change.
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