Accelerate application modernization by identifying technical debt

Thinking about microservices? Is the codebase salvageable? Can the code be untangled and modernized for the cloud? Would development time and resources be saved by rewriting it? These questions can take development teams months of costly analysis to answer as they try to understand the interconnectivity of a codebase.

CodeLogic accelerates the decision-making process by revealing an accurate and up-to-date map of an application that visualizes how everything fits together from API to method to database.

Once the team begins coding, CodeLogic’s map helps developers understand the impact of each change. With visibility into application structure and technical debt, team leads can make sure the mistakes of the past are not repeated in the updated application.

CodeLogic’s application intelligence dashboard gives insight that informs application modernization.

Plan database migrations with confidence

Many organizations are getting tired of paying a hefty price for their tried-and-true database management platform. This fatigue has led to initiatives aimed at migrating to a less expensive database platforms alternatives.

To successfully perform a database platform migration, teams must be able to see all the connection points between the app and database. Without an accurate, up to date view of all the app to database connections and dependencies, database migration efforts are likely to be costly, time consuming and prone to failure.

CodeLogic visualizations and dashboards make it easy see every database connection across the application landscape. This enables project team members to better estimate the platform migration effort and develop a realistic migration plan.

The CodeLogic Relationship Report provides insight to inform database migrations.

Increase developer productivity

Teams often rely on tribal knowledge or outdated wikis to learn about applications and their connections. In the world of Agile and DevOps, documentation is onerous to maintain and quickly outdated. Without accurate developer documentation, productivity suffers as it takes more time to: analyze where application changes should be made, understand the potential impact of change, and onboard new team members.

CodeLogic’s ability to automate and deliver application intelligences improves developer productivity by keeping track of application dependencies, illustrating the impact of code changes across the application landscape. That means developer documentation is always current and team members can easily understand how all parts of their app fit together. Now developers can spend less time crawling through the code and more time coding.

CodeLogic Application Dependency Analysis Report