Pricing and Deployment Options

$59.99 (USD) per seat per month + storage (after first 50GB, only applies if SaaS)

  • 15-day trial – extendable on request

Both SaaS and self-hosted options are available​

  • K8s based EKS hosted SaaS​
  • Self hosted deployment via Deb and RPM packaging

This is the tool I wish we had any time during the past 25 or 30 years. I can think of a number of long nights where I was trying to track down what's calling what so I can get an idea of where to look next. And the hours that were spent doing that could have been minutes with CodeLogic.

All customers get full access to all features including:

  • Binary & Runtime Scanning of Java, .Net & JavaScript
  • Relational database support including stored procedure analysis
  • Dependency Maps
  • 1-Click Impact Assessment
  • Impact Assessment for Pull Requests, Releases & Library Upgrades
  • IDE Plugins for Visual Studio, VS Code, and IntelliJ
  • Pipeline Integrations
  • Application Dashboard
  • Dependency Reports
  • Open REST API
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