CSI Platform Pricing

We offer plans for individuals, teams, enterprises, and consultancies

Included in every plan:

✓  Java binary
✓  .NET binary
✓  Static JavaScript
✓  Relational databases

✓  Code Impact Scoring
✓  Item Impact Analysis
✓  User logins and roles
✓  Installed on your infrastructure



For individuals and small teams curious about CodeLogic and how it works. Access to all the basics, for free.

  • CodeLogic Agent Count: 3
  • User Limit: 3

Analyze applications your organization develops.



For teams looking to deliver more on complex apps, without breaking sh*t. Provides the core features of the platform, including runtime profiling.

  • User Limit: Per license file defined

Analyze applications your organization develops.


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For large organizations looking to unlock more CodeLogic features (enhanced support, advanced security, the ability to work in ServiceNow, AWS, and more).

  • User Limit: Per license file defined

Analyze applications your organization develops.


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For consultancies working on major projects involving other people’s apps.

  • CodeLogic Agent Count: Limitless
  • User Limit: Per license file defined

Analyze applications other than your own.

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What are “Runtime” agents?

Runtime profiling fills in many gaps in binary or static scanning approaches improving data fidelity significantly – particularly for interactions between services, tiers and apps. For more information, click here.

What is a “Project”?

Projects are discrete development entities such as a web service, database or home-grown shared library. Projects typically correspond to a source code repository for teams not implementing mono-repos. Third-party libraries such as an open-source package for logging are not considered projects.

What’s special about the Consultant Plan (CodeLogic for Consultants)?

CodeLogic is normally used on applications that you wrote and actively develop. Consultant edition is for profiling another company’s application – with their permission of course. This is appropriate for consultants being asked to bid on transforming an application or for companies looking to acquire another and performing technical due diligence.

Do I need CodeLogic for Consultants to profile third-party libraries included in my custom app?

No. If the application is yours but includes third party code, the application is still yours.

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