CodeLogic Pricing

We offer plans for individuals and enterprise customers.
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CodeLogic is installed on your own infrastructure or cloud.

Plan Options



Access to all the basics for free.

    • Analyze Java, .Net, SQL, & JavaScript
    • 3 or fewer agents
    • 3 or fewer users


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Enhanced features, Single Sign-On (SSO) and support.

  • Analyze Java, .Net, SQL, & JavaScript
  • Analyze Stored Procedures and AWS
  • Unlimited CodeLogic agents
  • Unlimited users


Startup? We've got you covered


We've got you covered

Qualifying startups get Enterprise features for $400/month. (paid annually)

Compare Plan Details

table outlining plan details for CodeLogic Community and Enterprise editions


What are “Runtime” agents?

Runtime profiling fills in many gaps in binary or static scanning approaches improving data fidelity significantly – particularly for interactions between services, tiers and apps. For more information, click here.

What is a “Project”?

Projects are discrete development entities such as a web service, database or home-grown shared library. Projects typically correspond to a source code repository for teams not implementing mono-repos. Third-party libraries such as an open-source package for logging are not considered projects.

What is included with each level of support?

Community Support:

  • We will respond to support questions from Community users as time allows.

Premium Support:

  • Initial Support Response Objective: 4 business hours
  • A Technical Specialist is assigned for quarterly reviews
  • A Product manager is assigned for quarterly roadmap and feature request reviews

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