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It’s virtually impossible to know the existence and location of every API endpoint (internal APIs, remote APIs, web APIs, REST endpoints), especially for large enterprises with a blend of new and legacy software. Application interdependencies, the use of open source and third-party services libraries, and intentionally exposed APIs create complex webs of interfaces. Some APIs don’t even show up until source code is compiled or when called during runtime. And yet endpoints are among the most vulnerable to attack, especially the invisible “shadow APIs” that aren’t easily accounted for by the teams using them.



NYDFS is proposing a new amendment that compliance, security, and development teams should be particularly concerned about one of the areas covered in the new amendment – the requirement to maintain an inventory of all software API endpoints. This is a tall order since most organizations have APIs they don’t even know about. And you can’t inventory what you don’t know is there.


The New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) has proposed an amendment to its 2017 Cybersecurity Regulation (also known as 23 NYCRR Part 500). The 2017 regulation was one of the first of its kind and served as the model for many other regulations nationally and internationally. The proposed amendment would significantly expand the requirements that covered entities need to follow.


At JavaOne 2022 our VP of Product, Eric Minick, delivered an urgent message to Java devs in need of order amidst inherited and compounded code chaos. Watch his 15-minute session to get a glimpse of the biggest blind spots facing software development teams today.


We’re proud to announce that CodeLogic will be an exhibiting sponsor at this year’s CloudBees’ DevOps World conference in Orlando from September 27-29.


“If we double the team size, we’ll go twice as fast, right?” If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Every day, organizations must make decisions to help them move faster and keep up with their competition.


Tool fatigue is a common affliction in many software development environments and is characterized by an overwhelming sense of weariness that sets in as more and more tools get added to the developer toolkit.


A message from Brian Pierce, CodeLogic CEO, on the launch of CodeLogic's Continuous Software Intelligence Platform.


CodeLogic today launched the first and only developer toolkit that scans post-compile binaries, runtime app behavior, and database connections to provide a complete and up-to-the-second picture of infrastructure-wide software connections and dependencies.


While flying blind each time code is altered or added has become the norm, it’s not necessary.