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DevOps World 2022

We’re proud to announce that CodeLogic will be an exhibiting sponsor at this year’s CloudBees DevOps World conference in Orlando from September 27-29.

Attendees can expect to see live demos of the CodeLogic continuous software intelligence platform, including recently shipped features and IDE integrations with VS Code, Visual Studio, and IntelliJ IDEA. Join us to see what full software visibility really looks like and grab some CodeLogic swag while you’re there. 



We’re proud to announce that CodeLogic will be an exhibiting sponsor at this year’s CloudBees’ DevOps World conference in Orlando from September 27-29.


“If we double the team size, we’ll go twice as fast, right?” If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Every day, organizations must make decisions to help them move faster and keep up with their competition.


Tool fatigue is a common affliction in many software development environments and is characterized by an overwhelming sense of weariness that sets in as more and more tools get added to the developer toolkit.


A message from Brian Pierce, CodeLogic CEO, on the launch of CodeLogic's Continuous Software Intelligence Platform.


CodeLogic today launched the first and only developer toolkit that scans post-compile binaries, runtime app behavior, and database connections to provide a complete and up-to-the-second picture of infrastructure-wide software connections and dependencies.


While flying blind each time code is altered or added has become the norm, it’s not necessary.


Software engineers can now begin to remove their blindfolds, surface what-if scenarios with accurate information, and stop the fear of breaking changes. Here’s how.


The challenge for organizations that either already outsource some or all of their software development, or are contemplating doing so, is ensuring that the software developed by these firms meets not only their own quality standards but industry benchmarks as well.


We recently released a new product capability to capture stored procedures in Oracle and PostgreSQL databases and Java and .NET calls of those stored procedures.

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Thought Leadership

Identifying Tech Debt Worth Fixing

According to a survey from McKinsey, 60% of Chief Information Officers believe that their tech debt has risen significantly over the past three years. They also estimate that tech debt accounts for 20-40% of their entire tech estate—the equivalent of hundreds of millions of dollars.

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