New CodeLogic Plugin Provides Enhanced Dependency Data Inside Microsoft’s Visual Studio

New CodeLogic Plugin Provides Enhanced Dependency Data Inside Microsoft’s Visual Studio

Easily installed and configured, CodeLogic gives developers enhanced dependency data within their IDE.
We recently released a new plugin for Microsoft’s Visual Studio, enabling developers to view enhanced dependency data directly inside the IDE. The new plugin provides dependency data visibility within and across projects so developers can better understand their application connections and dependencies when making code changes. With improved dependency data, developers can make informed strategy decisions, improve team transparency around code changes, and reduce break/fix cycles.

What Makes the CodeLogic Plugin Special?

Developers spend countless hours writing code in their IDEs. Code changes can cause unintended outcomes when developers do not fully understand how their code connects within and across applications. CodeLogic’s new plugin for Visual Studio inserts enhanced dependency intelligence into their typical workflow for finding references, so developers don’t have to break flow to access it. By providing users with dependency information that Visual Studio typically may not detect, the CodeLogic plugin can head off issues before they occur.  

CodeLogic’s Visual Studio plugin allows developers to proactively share information across teams, effectively minimizing break/fix cycles by identifying broken code dependencies typically discovered when a build or a QA test fails downstream. Teams with code dependency intelligence can reduce time spent troubleshooting and spend more time building capabilities that will delight their users and improve business.

A Continuous Workflow

Easily installed and configured in minutes, CodeLogic’s Visual Studio plugin brings dependency data to developers within their IDE and seamlessly integrates with how they use it. Not only does the CodeLogic plugin enhance the user’s IDE experience, it also improves cross-team communication and fully informs code change decisions.

The CodeLogic plugin can be accessed within Visual Studio to work where you do. 
The example above showcases references detected by CodeLogic in Visual Studio.

For more information, watch our video: How CodeLogic Works With IDEs

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