CodeLogic is application dependency mapping like you’ve never seen it before.

Continuous application and IT modernization is as fundamental to a healthy organization as accounting or human resources. Wherever your organization may find itself on its IT modernization journey, CodeLogic’s dependency detection and visualization technologies will significantly improve your agility, velocity, quality and governance.

Crosscode is efficient

Speed & Efficiency

Thorough documentation created by CodeLogic gets new engineers up to speed quickly and ensures they see the big picture.

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Automated Discovery

Our automated mapping finds third party components, legacy system artifacts, and homegrown applications that you might not even know about.

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Crosscode is secure


CodeLogic never crawls your data, and the automated dependency map can be deployed behind your own firewall, so your information is secure.

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Audit Trail

The real-time map generated by CodeLogic is always up to date and provides a trail of historical changes so you can identify and fix problems quickly.

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CodeLogic Works Where You Do

We support the leading runtime environments, languages, databases and servers — and we’re always adding more — so that your application dependency map will be as comprehensive as possible.

CodeLogic’s living map means that changes across your application stacks are reflected in real-time and always kept up-to-date — making everything from onboarding new developers to system documentation a matter of minutes, not days.

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