don't break shit

// code fearlessly

Your current dev tools are
letting you down

Without complete visibility into how your software and data structures interconnect,
your developers will break shit. Guaranteed.
Iceberg and waterline
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Break / fix cycles cost $32,500 per developer annually.
Are you ok with that?
Still relying on source code scans? We need to talk
Existing dev tools only reveal the tip of a complex iceberg.
Infographic of an iceberg showing the depth to which CodeLogic scans code
Not having information at their fingertips
costs organizations $18,750 per developer per year.

Think you know where all your REST endpoints are?
Think again

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Migrating a database without complete visibility?
Update your resume first

“No other solution can store and reference relationships between various software elements
and traverse different languages, frameworks, data models and underlying infrastructures.”

The first Continuous Software Intelligence (CSI) platform

Identify application connections, predict code change impacts,
and understand complex Java and .NET codebases
from database to method to API.