Solving IT’s Biggest Problem

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According to Forrester, 56% of enterprises don’t have a complete view of their dependencies.
With millions of dependencies within complex system architectures and a lack of accurate documentation, unknown software connections make every aspect of software development more challenging. Companies need a clear line of sight to avoid being surprised by damaging unintended consequences.



Visualize and understand your true system landscape, from the hidden depths to unknown connections. Whether making grand architectural changes or small enhancements, CodeLogic helps teams make informed decisions.


Govern Architecture

Establish customized architectural policies for your systems that notify you when rules are violated. CodeLogic’s governing guardrails effectively prevent unintended consequences while optimizing development processes.



Identify real root-cause when addressing urgent outages or nagging performance issues. CodeLogic reveals weak points and maintains updated code change documentation so that issues can be quickly addressed without reoccurring.

Architectural Intelligence that Helps Everyone  

CodeLogic combines a mass of disconnected apps and allows companies to see all the relationships in the chain end-to-end, so that system networks, and the teams that manage them, become an informed whole.

  • Developers can learn codebases faster and stay on the same page remotely.
  • Architects can visualize systems accurately and pinpoint problem areas to modernize.
  • Change Management Teams can better understand the impact of changes and assess risk.
  • Companies can embrace true digital transformation & get resources productive faster.

Supported Technology

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We support 25+ integrations. Contact us to learn more.

How CodeLogic Works

csPlugin agent

The CodeLogic agent is installed on your servers where it extracts application and database metadata.

Metadata icon for the CodeLogic application

The metadata is sent to the CodeLogic server where it is analyzed and the dependency map is generated.

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Visualizations and reports are generated inline and are available through a browser.