Stop Relying on Outdated or Undocumented Knowledge

Application design on a whiteboard translated into application dependency mapping with CodeLogic.

Let’s face it. You really have no idea how your most important applications work. Relying on tribal knowledge or the outdated 3-tiered architecture diagram sketched on the office whiteboard does not provide your teams with the level of visibility needed to do their jobs effectively.

More than ever, IT executives and their teams need a clear understanding of their application dependencies and database connections to be more productive, better understand code complexity, and make informed decisions about application and database changes.

Discover application dependencies.


CodeLogic’s self-updating map enables developers, architects, SRE’s and testing teams to quickly see all the of unknown or hidden connections within and across your applications and databases

Visualize your software architecture.


CodeLogic’s rich visualizations help teams understand where the technical debt in their application code exists, and where modernization makes the most sense.

CodeLogic helps teams make informed software decisions.


CodeLogic maps enable IT teams and executives to make informed decisions – from small product enhancements to full-stack architectural changes.

How CodeLogic Works

Extract code, application and database metadata.

CodeLogic installs an agent on your servers where it extracts code, application and database metadata.

Analyze data and generate an application map.

The agent sends metadata to the on-premise CodeLogic server, analyzes the data and generates a complete application map.

Access interactive application visualization and analysis tools.

CodeLogic’s web and desktop interfaces provide access to interactive application visualizations, analysis tools, and dashboards.

Supported Technology

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